Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax

Learn how to negotiate salary increases, job offers, and promotions with confidence.

You’re missing out on money you deserve – over $1 million over the course of your career to be exact. 

I’ll help you change that by teaching you how to:

  • Find the right words to ask your boss for more money
  • Counter an offer that’s way too low
  • Communicate your value and get rid of self-doubt
  • Understand how promotions and performance reviews work
  • Avoid word vomit or loss for words when negotiating

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Hey, I'm Latesha.

And I help women land six-figure jobs. No fluff or vague suggestions. I provide women with clear strategies that wow employers. My proven techniques have led to over $1 million in salary increases combined.

My clients receive 2-3x more interviews and callbacks, and have landed positions at Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Netflix, and other major companies.

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This training is for you if:

You’re tired of constantly being overlooked and undervalued after putting in hard work.

You lack the confidence you need to ask for the salary and benefits you deserve.

You’re unsure of how to communicate your experience in a compelling way.

You have no idea how to negotiate.


It’s time you take your future – and your money – into your own hands.