Slide Breaking glass ceilings. Say Hello Career Chasers is a global membership community and virtual coaching experience for ambitious women of color who want to land their dream job and create a career they love.

Tired of feeling stuck in your career?

The traditional life plan of going to college, getting a degree, and getting a job no longer fits today’s working world. Many women are left feeling stagnant and unsatisfied, despite acing interviews and getting hired. Once they step into their new role, they’re undersupported, underdeveloped, and overlooked for opportunities.

Nothing’s more discouraging than sending in endless job applications and receiving no feedback. We help you figure out how to summarize your skills and expertise in a compelling way and land your next interview for your dream role.

Your hard work should never go unnoticed and your skills should never be underutilized. We make sure you get the recognition you deserve so you’re not waiting around for your next raise or promotion. We will give you the coaching and tools to take control of your career and find your voice!

You want a career that is fulfilling and you know your work is good, but do you need more experience? More education? Where do you even start? We’ll help you find the answer.


It’s time you take back control of your future and invest in yourself.

Are you ready to transform your career?

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Get immediate results with these membership perks

Live Career Coaching & Office Hours

Speak directly to career coaches during our group office hours (included in membership) and 1:1 sessions (discounted for members)

Network With Successful Women

Join our private Facebook group and get accountability and support from other members.

Accountability Buddy Program

Match with a buddy so you can push each other forward and never fall behind on your goals.

Set Clear Milestones

Clearly define your career goals and map out the necessary steps to achieve them.

Monthly Themes

Participate in themed workshops so you can devote proper time to each phase of your journey.

Monthly Workbook

Enjoy guided how-to’s so you feel confident and informed on your next move.

Monthly Challenges

Complete doable tasks that push you out of your comfort zone and closer to your goals.

Resource Library

Access our library of materials that will inspire and guide you throughout your career.


We’re on a mission to help working women of color get their dream job and close the income gap.

Black women are paid 61 cents for every $1 their white male counterparts earn. Native American women earn $0.58 for every $1 their white male counterparts earn. Latina women earn $0.53 for every $1 their white male counterparts earn.


The difference over a 40-year career adds up to about $1 million less than your coworkers.

You deserve to be at the top.

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What Career Chasers Are Saying

. . .being blessed with the opportunity to even interview with a company that has more room in their budget along with all of the information you shared, helped me SO much with landing a higher salary. I’ll be making 22k more than the job I’m leaving.
Ashley Mangin
Career Chaser
For this new role I negotiated I was so nervous. I help people negotiate and struggle for myself, go figure.In the end, I received a $16,000 salary increase and a $5k signing bonus. Yay!
Career Chaser
My company took me on permanently within 4 weeks of starting my contract. I manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of work for a multinational organization. $10K bonus plus 2 weeks of additional PTO!
Tessa Shahid
Career Chaser

Hi, I'm Latesha.

And I’m a Certified Career and Life Coach, Founder/CEO of Byrd Career Consulting, and the creator of Career Chasers Members Club. I’m passionate about helping working women step into their greatness and my coaching has helped clients:

get 2-3x more interviews and callbacks

get multiple job offers competing for them

get new positions with an up to $80K salary increase

land positions at Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Netflix

translate their skills and passions into meaningful careers that “don’t even feel like work”

And I created Career Chasers to help you get passion, peace, and purpose in your career.

the team

Meet the career coaches!

Latesha Byrd

Career Strategy and Leadership Development

Oye Delano

Career Strategy and Leadership Development

Our coaches are trained and ready to help you hit your career goals with strategy, confidence, and clarity.

Our Values


We’re self-starters who go above and beyond to achieve our career goals.


Despite obstacles, we pivot and move forward strategically with patience.


We work with purpose and seek genuine connections.


We listen, share, and engage with each other to continue learning.


We turn discomfort into action and embrace the unknown.


Career Chasers Podcast

In this podcast, Latesha shows you how to think of your career holistically, looking at it from all angles as you take charge in discovering a meaningful and purpose-driven career. Stay tuned for guest appearances by other dynamic women who’ve experienced and overcome similar challenges in their career.


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