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Does this sound like you?

We asked our members to share their biggest roadblock when trying to land their dream job. Here’s what they said:

“I submit dozens of applications but don’t get interviews or callbacks.”

“I feel alone and defeated because I’m the only Black woman on my team and my managers don’t appreciate the hard work I put in.”

“I don’t think I have the credentials or experience to land the job I really want.”

“I’m lacking the confidence to negotiate and ask for more money.”

“I want to spend time with family and have a work-life balance, but I’m afraid a bigger role or a new job will drain me.”

If you think like this and don’t advocate for yourself, you could be missing out on over $1 million dollars during the course of your career

Career Chasers has transformed the way members view themselves and their career goals.

You’ll go from doubting yourself to feeling yourself. Here’s how we make that happen:

Our webinars and workbooks will guide you through revising your resume and LinkedIn profile so you highlight your greatest skills and achievements. You can also schedule a 1:1 with our Resume Coach so you feel extra prepared!

We provide you with talking points and interview prep during 1:1 sessions and office hours to help ease your nerves. Whether you’re preparing for an interview or preparing for a meeting with current management, you’ll know how to communicate your impact and demand respect.

We’ll walk you through the negotiation process so you feel confident not only asking for more money, but also asking for better benefits, more PTO, and flexible work-from-home hours that give you more time with family.


Here’s what life could look like when you get the salary you deserve.

Never sacrifice your wellbeing for a check ever again.

You can wake up every morning without worrying about unpaid bills. You can be at peace knowing your benefits cover health and financial emergencies. You can create a work-life balance that allows you to take PTO when needed and spend more time with your family. 


I’m here to tell you that the career of your dreams can also support the life of your dreams. 

And our Members-Only Slack and Facebook Groups allow you to network with other ambitious women of color across industries.

You know that feeling when you’re surrounded by women who just get it? Yeah, it’s a good one.

The Features

Check out what we have to offer and what you’d be paying for services at other career coaching groups.

Live Group Career Coaching


$697 VALUE

Network of Successful Women

[Plus Bi-monthly Networking Events]

$297 VALUE

Monthly Workbook

$297 VALUE

Career Resource Library

$197 VALUE

Monthly Workshops & Challenges

$1977+ VALUE

Salary Negotiation Script

$49+ VALUE

Goal Setting Worksheet

$49+ VALUE

BRAG Sheet

[Show off what you’ve done professionally. Use this for interviews, salary negotiation and performance reviews. ]

$127+ VALUE



The Investment

When you add it up, this value of $3,660/year can be yours for $300 per year, $90 per quarter, or $35 per month.

Are you ready to transform your career?

$ 35
PER Month


$ 90


$ 300


When you sign up for an annual membership, you get 2 months free AND a free Career Journal and Affirmation Cards Bundle!

BONUS: When you join, you have access to ALL past webinars and resources.

Here are a few topics we’ve covered:

  • Job Searching During a Pandemic: Building a Game Plan That Wins
  • Resume Tailoring & Refresh: The Ins & Outs of Creating a Compelling Resume and How to Tailor It
  • Salary Negotiation: Getting What You Deserve and Asking For the Total Package
  • Leveling Up On LinkedIn: 7-Step Strategy to Building a Beautiful & Authentic LinkedIn Profile
  • Growing a 5-9 (Side Hustle) while Grinding In your 9-5: 5 Strategies for Crushing it Both Ways
  • Dealing with Conflict and Microaggressions in the Workplace

Here’s what our members have to say

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Here’s where members landed jobs:

I’m Latesha and I know what it takes to level up.

As a Certified Career and Life Coach, and Founder/CEO of Byrd Career Consulting, I’ve helped over 1,000 women negotiate higher salaries of over $5 million. Black women are paid 61 cents for every $1 their white male counterparts earn, so I started Career Chasers to change that. Career Chasers club equips Black women and other women of color with specialized strategies to map out exactly what you need to get more interviews, negotiate salaries, and find career fulfillment.

the team

Meet the career coaches!

Latesha Byrd

Career Strategy and Leadership Development

Oye Delano

Career Strategy and Leadership Development

Our coaches are trained and ready to help you hit your career goals with strategy, confidence, and clarity.

Is Career Chasers right for you?

You might be ready to give up and do this all on your own but since you’re here, that means you’re willing to give yourself a chance to get the help you need to level up.

Why now is the best time to become a Career Chaser

Our members have negotiated up to $80K salary increases in the middle of a pandemic, which means these companies have the money to pay you what you deserve.

Investing in yourself means putting time into making more money


Being fulfilled by your day-to-day work


Feeling supported by a group of women who understand what it’s like to be overlooked and undervalued.


Our members have landed roles at their dream companies and negotiated up to $80K salary increases after monthly masterclass and 1:1 sessions with our Certified Career Coaches. You can read members’ testimonials on our Success Stories page.

When you become a member, your entire outlook on your career will change. We’ll help you prepare for interviews, revamp your resume, and improve your negotiation skills so you know exactly what to ask for. Our Career Coaches help you strategize a plan that you can execute. You’ll no longer feel alone as you navigate your career journey, and will instead be empowered and have the support you need.

Each month, you’ll be provided a new monthly theme on career advancement. If you’re a paid member, the monthly theme includes:

  • A webinar on the topic with Latesha Byrd, CEO of Byrd Career Consulting
  • A downloadable workbook with activities to help you master your career
  • Live Career Coach Q&A sessions with our team of Career Coaches
  • Membership in our private community
  • Full access to the entire library of courses, workbooks, and resources
  • Accountability partnership as an option

Absolutely. This is all about building a community. We hold monthly office hours and put together private events – like Virtual Speed Networking and Happy Hour – where you’ll get to know other members, share contact information, and build lasting relationships. Be sure to join our private Facebook group and start connecting with other members right away.

For quarterly memberships, you will be charged the day you sign up and every 90 days after. For annual memberships, you will be charged the day you sign up and every 365 days after. No refunds are provided.

No problem! Memberships are on a quarterly or annual basis. You are free to cancel at any time before the next period charge date and will not be billed for the next quarter or year.

Career Chasers get 15% off Career Shop products, including the Career Journal and Career Affirmation Cards