Career Audit

June 28-June 30

No matter where you
are in your career, you
need a career audit.

Join me for a LIVE 3-Day Challenge where you’ll find the clarity you need to make a change in your career.

You land your dream job by knowing what you want.

You know what you want by conducting a career audit.

You get what you want by creating a career plan.  

Let’s chat face-to-face during this 3-Day Career Audit so you can get started!

Join me and you will leave this training with clarity, confidence, and feeling in total control of your future.

Yes, this 3-Day Career Audit is for you:

Do you feel unfulfilled at your current job?

We’ll explore how you can negotiate more pay, improve current skills to get that promotion, navigate tough relationships with management, and even create an exit plan. 

Are you happy at your current job, yet still thinking about what’s next?

If so, that’s great! But don’t forget there’s always room for improvement. You can make more money, get a promotion, introduce new ideas, and work on setting boundaries in the workplace.

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Here’s what Career Chasers Club Members
say after our trainings:

In order to find a job and career that aligns with your values, you have to define your non-negotiables and career values. This is hard to do alone – which is why I’m here to chat with you face-to-face.

Every morning from June 28 to June 30, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom invite to our 2pm group session. For 30 minutes each day, I’ll conduct a mini lesson and we’ll hold a brief Q&A session. At the end, I’ll provide you with a journal prompt so you can self-reflect.

Day 1: Finding holes in your career and where you can make a change. 

Day 2: Setting career goals that allow you to live your best life.

Day 3: Making a step-by-step plan so you can crush those career goals.

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Hi, I’m Latesha!

And I help women land six-figure jobs and 80K salary increases. No fluff or vague suggestions. I provide women with clear strategies that wow employers. My proven techniques have led to our Career Chasers securing over $1 million in salary increases combined over the last year.

My clients receive 2-3x more interviews and callbacks, and have landed positions at Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Netflix, and other major companies.

But most importantly, I’ve watched my clients use my techniques to create meaningful careers that make them excited about going into work every day.

Join me and you will leave this training with clarity, confidence, and feeling in total control of your future.