Make "Back to Work" Work for You

Learn how to negotiate remote work hours, develop a work-life balance, and demand better support from your employers as you return to the office.

Thursday, September 30th at 7pm EST

Does this sound like you?

You’re dreading your return to in-person work and being around people who aren’t supportive.

You feel more productive working from home, but don’t know how to negotiate remote hours.

You want to save money on childcare and time commuting to work.

You want your employer to be more supportive of your needs and invest in your professional development. 

You’re tired of letting your job run your lifestyle and want to find balance asap.

If your employer is asking you to come back to the office, you have a right to express your concerns and ask for support. After this 90-minute webinar

You’ll learn how to:

Bring up your safety concerns around returning to the office. 

Negotiate a fully remote work schedule or hybrid work schedule.

Talk to your employer about childcare support and other benefits.

Set boundaries to prioritize self-care and your mental health.

Create a schedule that allows you to have a work-life balance. 

Demand better support from your employer so you can level up professionally.


Your job is more than just a paycheck. Join us for this masterclass and learn how to make back-to-work work for YOUR life!

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Thursday, September 30th at 7pm EST


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